Gift Wrap Wonderland

The sales have happened, so have the purchases, now onto the fun part, wrapping it!   One of my favorite days of the year is when I take a day, and head to Container Store to shop their gift wrap.   Of course I preview it online the day it comes out, and get an idea in my head of what I want the feel/vibe to be.  Then, I put on my cute, yet comfy clothes, and head to the store.  I have had the privilege of working with one of the buyers there in the past, where we walk through the store with a cart, and choose every paper I love.   We then take a step back, and start to see what flows together, eliminating, and then filling holes and gaps so it flows.

I choose a paper print for each person I am wrapping for,  and then choose ribbon that will coordinate with each package, while maintaining the integrity of the flow.   The last step is so important, it can’t be left out…we choose gift tags and ornaments/toppers for each paper/person.    Container Store also has video tutorials on their website on how to tie the perfect bow, how to wrap cookies, etc, so make sure to check out their website at   This is a splurge, and for me, it is worth it, but I understand for those on a budget, please know we have you taken care of too!

This year, I was at Target with my littlest nugget, and stumbled upon a line of wrapping paper that Sugar Paper put out for them.   I fell in love!   It is all about the colors that I love…..blush, navy, gold…..I had to have it.   So, I went back the next day and did what I do….and I couldn’t be happier with it.



Here are the papers I chose….

Blush with dots    /    Navy with stripes    /    Grey with dots    /    White with trees



And the ribbons….

Thin White   /   Gold/White Rope   /   Thick White   /   Thin Blush   /   Thick Grey




And the gift bags and boxes for those harder to wrap gifts…..

   Gift Bag    /    Blush Box    /    Navy Box




The tissue Paper….

Blush Tissue Paper    /    Navy Tissue Paper




The gift tags….

Sticker Gift Tags    /    Hanging Gift Tags




The toppers…..

Jingle Bell Gift Toppers   /   Star Gift Topper   /   Blush dot Ornament   /

White Heart Ornament   /   Small Ornament Box


This was my husbands paper I used last year from Container Store…although I didn’t use a red ribbon….I used a gold and silver, but you get the idea…



Rustic Gift Wrap


My oldest daughter is into dinosaurs and I chose this one for her last year.   And the moose I used for my youngest daughter as I thought it was fun and went with the theme…


Kids Signature Paper

Hope you have enjoyed this blog post as much as we have enjoyed putting it together!
Happy Shopping and Wrapping!



Koko & Chantelle