Luxury must be comfortable,
otherwise it’s not luxury.
Coco Chanel

Real women. Real mamas. Real life.


Welcome to koko&chantelle!

We are so excited to have you here! Let’s get to know each other!

For our friendship, it all began over ten years ago when we were both Assistant Buyers at Neiman Marcus. We crossed paths through a mutual friend, and the rest was history! We were so young….haha! We were basically fresh out of college and ready to take on both the fashion world and the social scene in Dallas!

As you can imagine, so much has changed since then!

We are both married. We are both mamas. We are actually both Stitch Fix Stylists. And we have become the dearest of friends who always work to bring out the best in each other….even when it is hard. We have shared so many life events in this past decade that when the idea of this business venture came up, it just seemed to make sense to try it together!

We poured over name choices and ideas, and actually in the middle of one of those “I can’t switch off my to-do list” kind of mama nights, the name “koko&chantelle” just came!! (this is why people sleep with notebooks by their bed!!) koko&chantelle is fun and whimsical and not too serious. But it is also catchy and charismatic and a smidge sophisticated without the air of pretention!…and perhaps a little cheesy, as well! In a nutshell….it’s totally us!

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into introductions!

Meet Kate….the K in Koko&Chantelle!


Hi, there! I’m Kate! I am a southern mama who delights in my God, my family, wellness, gardening, cooking, fresh flowers, styling my home, and an occasional shopping spree! Gingham, seersucker, and boys with “swoopy” hair are my weakness….which is probably why I married him and have two mini versions in training! Entertaining is my soul animal, and I try to always have an impromptu party-in-the-ready in my pantry for pop-ins! Half of my family is gluten free and dairy free, and I delight in coming up with new ideas, recipes, and products to support that! I am also a lifetime fashion lover who loves putting together outfits and items for clients, friends, and family! I love the constant journey of faith and believe in grace and miracles…….but a combination of wine therapy, regular therapy, and retail therapy keep me upright as I juggle being a #momboss, mom, and wife daily!  Life is up and down and messy and crazy, but I love every second!


Meet Chan….the C in Koko&Chantelle!


Hi, there!  I’m Chantelle, which shortened for my friends becomes Chan, because come on! Who has time for such a long name?!  lol!!   I am a Christian, wife, mother, sister, friend, aunt, daughter, and in true Gemini fashion, I am loyal to all (this is a trait my husband says is what drew him to me).   I am a lover of fashion, people, life, adventure/travel, new experiences, food & wine, and exercise.   I grew up in a small town outside of Houston called Friendswood, went to UT (Hook ’em Horns) and have lived in New York and Dallas to pursue my love of fashion.


My fashion sense tends to lean towards romantic, and classic at times.   I am not super trendy, I buy pieces that are timeless, sophisticated, comfortable, and casual chic.   Most days you will see me in a tennis skirt (I LOVE playing tennis because it is social, I get in some exercise, it’s fun, and come on, those outfits are the best!) or athleisure of some sort.  I love lace and black, and nude, as you can see in my pic.   I would consider myself a girly girl, and find a spa my natural habitat.




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