Oh Christmas Tree – On a Budget!

I love, love, love decorating for Christmas in my home….at least now I do! But when the kids were just babies, sometimes it could be really overwhelming! In fact, one of the last years that we were in our previous house, I was overwhelmed with teaching, mom-ing, being a good wife, and pretty much anything holiday related! It was a total Scrooge moment! I didn’t want to put up any decorations and not even a tree! But then I felt super bad because I know how much my sweet husband really loves the season (and I could remember the time before when I did, too….when it didn’t seem like a job to get done and check off my list!).

There seem to be two teams when it comes to Christmas trees. Either you are team “real” or team “artificial.” It just depends on what better fits your lifestyle…or your allergies! šŸ™‚ We have always been “real” tree people! BUT…if I tell you that picking out a “real” tree with my guy can actually suck the joy out of the process, it really can! (His mom and sister are welcome to comment here on what shoe shopping was like when he was a kid……I hear it involved visiting several stores to find the PERFECT shoes! And at the end of the day he might have just picked the original ones…..too many choices! Haha!) He always wants to find the PERFECT tree every year, and it is usually cold. There is usually a line of people waiting for assistance. And in the past years, there were crying children as part of the process….and by that I mean my children….just. over. it. Love them and him! Mean it! šŸ™‚

So, back to the year when we were basically going to SKIP CHRISTMAS…feel like there should a Hallmark gasp here!! I started feeling horrible for making Adam miss out…and since we did have kids that would have ended up as a total #momfail moment….so I wondered if we could dip our toe into the artificial tree world! Y’all….I’m telling you that I am team both now! My co-teacher at the time scored an 8 ft Frontgate tree for me off of a local Facebook sale group for a great deal. In fact, it ended up being the tree of another teacher at our same school! It was totally meant to be! šŸ™‚ And it was in perfect condition! AND it went together in five minutes! LOVE!

So, my kiddos and I surprised their dad with this tree purchase….but he still had to go pick it up….it is heavy! Hah! HE was so happy, and we had that tree up and dressed lickety split! And the missing Christmas tree smell….no worries! I replaced it with amazing candles! Done and done!

So, now we have two trees in our home…well, actually three if you count the little one for the kids. One real. One artificial. And one baby one. The artificial one has since become mine to decorate because I like white lights and my husband likes colored lights!

I’ve come up with a quick, simple, easy, and cost effective way to decorate this tree! Let me show you! First, here is my beautiful tree!


I always start by adding lights! I love these pearl lights. I’m a southern girl, and we always have our pearls….so why not have them for Christmas lights?!

Then I add ribbon! Burlap has long been one of my favorite fabrics! Be sure to use the wide kind with or without wiring in it! I start at the top and loosely wrap the tree “tucking” in the ribbon every so often, but mostly I kind of let it organically find its spot in the tree.




This year I added cotton stems! Cotton is so pretty to me, and I love how much it is used in decor these days! I had five stems and just tucked them in to staggered areas on the front of the tree! You could use more if your tree can be viewed from all sides, but mine is tucked in a corner.


Lastly, the star is the topper, and this one happens to be copper! It is so pretty, and I love the Country French feel that the copper adds!



I have linked all the items you will need to recreate this Christmas tree on a budget in your own home!




Christmas Tree (On Sale Now!!)






Pearl Christmas Lights









Outlet Timer






Burlap Ribbon






Cotton Stems







Metallic Tree Topper





Burlap Tree Skirt




And while I love my tree skirt, how cute is this option?!!



Galvanized Metal Tree Collar


And I added these darling grapevine lighted Christmas presents! They really topped this off!!



Grapevine Lighted Presents


And there you have it! An easy decorated tree with just a few steps!!


And for my favorite Christmas candle, I usually turn to Thyme brand “Frasier Fir,” but I found this one at Target that is a much less expensive option and smells really similar!


Oh Christmas Tree Candle



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4 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree – On a Budget!

  1. Holly Hodges says:

    We are a REAL tree family and I just ordered a white tree yesterday. I can’t wait for it to come in! Gus is calling it blasphemy. Not sure he’ll be as easy to win over as Adam…

  2. Chelsea Moore says:

    I absolutely love your decor!! Iā€™m so in love with this simple style of Christmas decor. It goes perfectly with my farmhouse modern home decor. So I will definitely be trying this out!! Thank you!

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