Singing in the Rain!

I feel like I need to put out a PSA because Hunter boots are on sale right now!! The timing couldn’t be more perfect because mine literally had a hole in the heel because I have worn them sooooo much! I was given a pair several years ago as a Christmas gift, and I wear them year round at every opportunity I get! They are simply a fashion statement all on their own! I have the light blue ones (pale mint!), but I could get a pair in every color!! I’ve scoured the internet and found the best deals from multiple places!




Women’s Original Tall Gloss Rain Boots – Pale Mint

Use code SALE20 for an extra 20% off!!



Women’s Original Tall Gloss Rain Boots – Pink Sand

Use code SALE20 for an extra 20% off!!


Women’s Original Tall Flecktarn Camo Rain Boots – Pale Sand

Use code SALE20 for an extra 20% off!!



Women’s Original Adjustable Gloss Rain Boots – Succulent

Use code SALE20 for an extra 20% off!!



Hunter Original Tall Boots – Tent Red



Hunter Original Tall Festival Floral – ALMOST SOLD OUT!!




Hunter Original Shearling Cuff



Hunter Original Gloss – Bright Coral



Hunter Original Adjustable Short – Purple Urchin/Scallop




Hunter Original Refined MidWedge



Boot Socks…multiple styles and colors.

I linked the page so you could pick a coordinating color with your boots! These make great stocking stuffers!!