Bunny Bait!


There are so many treats and fun things to do at Easter, but I love some great bunny bait! So cute and simple….and it combines my favorite of sweet and savory! I made these treats last night for my little’s school Easter party! Here’s what you will need:

Cheddar bunnies or goldfish
Colored popcorn
Pastel M&Ms
Cellophane bags (small) with twist ties
Ribbon or yarn



Start by grabbing a large bowl and combining the Cheddar Bunnies, Popcorn, and M&Ms. Mix them up well, and scoop about five small scoops into each bag.




Then, secure each bag first with the twist tie.




Finally cut your ribbon or yarn, and tie a simple bow so that children can easily open their bunny bait treats!




So cute and super fast and easy! The whole project took me about 30 minutes! And the kiddos love it!!

Let me know what your favorite go-to treat is for parties!


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