ND’s Favorite Five BeautyCounter Products: Day Three – Lips…Gloss and Sheers


So you are ready to sign up for all of these amazing products?? Great, right!? I love that!! But I know what you are thinking. Who has the $$$ to just stop their process, throw out all of the old, and replace with the new?? You. Don’t. Have. To.

It’s simple. Try my strategy because it is working for me and allowing me to not tank my budget! As you run out of your night cream,  your mascara, your lip gloss, replace them one by one. BeautyCounter offers a program that also makes it more affordable! It’s called the Band of Beauty Member Program. It is a $29 fee for an annual membership that opens you up to great savings. First, if you sign up and make a $50+ purchase, you receive a free gift! Sweet! Who doesn’t love swag?! You also receive 15% product credit with every order, AND you also get access to exclusive Members Only Deals! Plus, there is free shipping on orders over $100. What’s not to love about this?? It practically pays for itself!

Moving on to the subject at hand: Lip Gloss and Lip Sheers. If there is one product that can instantly update your style, it’s a new lip shade!!

I have never ever ever been much of a lipstick gal. Give me a gloss any day! They are easy. They keep my lips soft. They are subtle. But, when I had my day of play with the products, I couldn’t help but try out the Lip Sheers. There were so many beautiful colors in which to choose that I had a blast playing! 10 Lip Sheer shades and 9 Lip Gloss shades to be exact!

BUT….I have always wanted that perfect shade of red, and I really think we can all fluctuate a little between pinker tones to orange tones to more blue red tones. I can live between all three depending on my outfit, but I typically stay more safe and neutral. Not when it was playtime though! I headed straight for a shade called Scarlet! I mean…who doesn’t love Gone With the Wind?! Hah…just kidding! But, it was a hit! It felt light, but it had strong pigmentation! Beautiful…and bold for me…but I loved it!! So did my hubby…haha! And it stayed on most of the day. I layered on a gloss later to finish out the day!


But if the boldness is not for you, try one of the more subtle shades like Twig or Rose…both beautiful pink tones. Silky smooth, long-lasting, lightweight, and each one complements all skin tones. All the things that would make me want to buy one in every color. Not to mention there’s no synthetic fragrances…just a sophisticated hint of vanilla planifolia! Each Lip Sheer is $30. Grab your favorite shade while they last!

For glosses, I already own the shade Fig, and it was beautiful for the fall/winter months. For spring I will be adding Ruby and Coralbell. The Ruby shade is a brilliant red that lives somewhere between orange-red and a blue red, while the Coralbell is more of a coral and fun and fresh! You can’t go wrong with any of them, and they smell so good! No stickiness, and the teardrop applicator delivers the perfect amount of sheer, infinitely wearable color and subtle shine! They are $29 each, and make awesome gifts!!

Are you familiar with the EWG (Environmental Working Group)? They are a non-profit organization that empowers people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. With breakthrough research and education, they drive consumer choice and civic action. You can find information about most of the products you probably have in your home right now and the ratings they are giving. The EWG gives BeautyCounter lip glosses a rating of 1. Many glosses are made with butylated hydroxytoluene, or BHT, a toluene-based preservative and fragrance ingredient that is linked to cancer and organ toxicity. BHT is on BeautyCounter’s “The Never List!”

What lip products will you be purchasing? Click here to start shopping for a new you…healthier and happier!

And don’t forget our contest!!!!



And did I mention, ONE lucky winner will receive their own Nourishing Night Cream just by entering our contest??!! It is a $47 value! What a great gift! Brandy Dail with BeautyCounter by Brandy has generously offered to give this product away to our winner! Thank you, Brandy!

Here are the rules of the contest:

  • Tag a friend on Instagram @necessary.delights
  • Sign up for email alerts on necessarydelights.com
  • Follow Brandy’s updates by joining BeautyCounter by Brandy on Facebook
    Best of luck! I will announce a winner over the weekend! Get to tagging and following! I’m so excited to share more of my favorites and why I love this company so much!

One thought on “ND’s Favorite Five BeautyCounter Products: Day Three – Lips…Gloss and Sheers

  1. brandy dail says:

    Love love love!!!! You are a great writer and a natural at this BC stuff!

    On Wed, Feb 22, 2017 at 6:45 AM Necessary Delights wrote:

    > necessarydelights posted: ” So you are ready to sign up for all of these > amazing products?? Great, right!? I love that!! But I know what you are > thinking. Who has the $$$ to just stop their process, throw out all of the > old, and replace with the new?? You. Don’t. Have. To. It’s s” >


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