I Heart You Sandwich!


I wanted to make a quick and easy sandwich for my little one since he was home with me on this rainy Valentine’s Day so I whipped out my cookie cutters. It takes a basic sandwich from meh to wow! in an instant! Of course, today’s cookie cutter choice was the heart! Which is why I have named this the “I Heart You Sandwich!”

Start with a large heart cutter and a small heart cutter and two pieces of bread. Make sure the larger cookie cutter doesn’t extend past your bread or it would look pretty weird. 🙂 Have your small handed helper press down on the two slices of bread. Then, while you hold it in place, your helper can pull away the excess. (throw this out to the hungry birds in your yard! they will love you!)



Voila! Two large heart pieces of bread!


Choose one and place the smaller cookie cutter in the center. Repeat the process of pressing through and then holding. This time, pull out the center heart!


Your little one might be hungry at this point….I know mine was! Let them have a little snack for all of their hard work!

Then comes the fun part! Choose your fillings! You could do any combo…even an adult version with maybe a turkey/pesto/cranberry number! Mine chose peanut butter and honey. Even this can be improved upon with a pretty strawberry or raspberry jelly peeping through like a linzer cookie. Yum!! But for the purpose of our sandwich, the winning combination was pb and honey! (which my little guy licked the honey out of the middle…haha!!)


Then for garnishment, I cut grapes and Cutie oranges on the diagonal and twisted them to create hearts! Enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s Day from
Necessary Delights!