Christmas 2017: Gifts for Her

Gift giving means so many different things to so many people! It is meant to honor the recipient by showing him or her that you thought about them when you chose your gift. For some it is an obligation of the season. For some it is super duper stressful! For others, it is truly a [...]

Three Ways to Style a Blanket Scarf

      Cooler weather has arrived, and blanket scarves are just so fun! Even if your weather is as crazy as it is here in Texas, there is always an occasion for a blanket scarf from October through March! I meet once a month with a small group of moms....we call ourselves the "Latte [...]

Holiday Cards: That’s a Wrap!

I love the holidays and one of my favorite parts is going to the mailbox everyday to receive holiday cards, as opposed to bills and junk mail.    Once I get them, I can't wait to open them and see who the sender is and hang them up in my home!    I hang them on burlap twine, with [...]

25 Fall Hostess Gifts Under $25!

Halloween is in the books, and we are off for the holidays! While it is hard to not spend all of your effort doing some much needed Christmas shopping, Thanksgiving is certainly worth your focus! It is a time for family and remembering what why we are thankful! It is also a great time for [...]

It’s Sweater Weather, Y’all! finally happened....sweater weather! Woohoo! Let's be honest....I am sure in a couple of months we will all be complaining about being ready for warmer weather again, but for now I am super pumped! This is why Chan and I wanted to share some of our favorite sweaters for the season with you! Ruffled Sweaters [...]

Wellness Wednesday: Thieves!

Please use Sponsor and Enroller ID 12841255! Already know what you want? Click here to begin shopping! I am a super fan of Young Living Oils! Not only do they smell amazing, but they have some many great natural health qualities! But with flu season upon us and kiddos around us dropping like flies with viruses [...]

Athleisure – Yes, it’s a word!

Athleisure is the the most amazing buzzword in fashion, as it is the marriage of two of my favorite style categories: athletic wear and leisure wear!   And I love that you can style it all the way from high end to cheap and you know it's relevant and not me just being in love [...]

What time is it? UGG Time!

At the first sign of cooler temps what do you usually do? Well, I reach for my UGGs and order a Pumpkin Spiced Latte! Thank goodness they are still in style because I love how crazy comfy they are! And guess what?! I found some for up to 50% off!! Just in time for cooler [...]

Just a Girl with a Little Twirl

Fall is here, but in Texas that means temperatures that fluctuate between 95° to 55°! You never quite know whether your kids will be freezing or sweating in their Halloween costumes! So, this outfit is completely appropriate for this time of year! And this skirt....oh my! is stunning! It is this blue lurex style fabric [...]

Healthy(er?) Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Happy Halloween, Loves!   Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! The ghouls. The mystery. The fantasy! It was amazing in our 20s dressing it up...sometimes in not the most appropriate of costumes! It is an alter-ego kind of night, and I love it! It is just fun, and to live it through the eyes [...]