Oh Christmas Tree – On a Budget!

I love, love, love decorating for Christmas in my home....at least now I do! But when the kids were just babies, sometimes it could be really overwhelming! In fact, one of the last years that we were in our previous house, I was overwhelmed with teaching, mom-ing, being a good wife, and pretty much anything [...]

Holiday Survival Guide!

Surviving the holidays is necessary so that you may delight in the memory making! The holidays are full of hustle bustle, gift wrapping, parties, more parties, baking...and consequently sometimes poor eating, poor sleeping, and maybe a little too much partying. Here are a few of my favorite items to help me survive and keep my [...]

K&C’s Favorite Shop Small Saturday Spots

It is so nice to sit in the comfort of your own home....in your pajamas....possibly with a glass of wine.....and order everything on your Christmas list online! BUT, there is something to be said about shopping in local stores! You get to be in the Christmas spirit...literally! The smells, the sounds, the decorations! It is [...]

Last Minute Thanksgiving: Crockpot Turkey Breast

So if you read a lot of my recipes, you will notice my tendency to look for quick and easy options! AND....I kinda love my crockpot. I tend to try to make healthier versions of those crockpot recipes when I can, but a turkey breast in the crockpot checks off both boxes....easy and healthy! Plus, [...]

Snakes and Snails: A Gift for Every Boy

Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails, That's what boys are made of. With dirt on his nose, and scrapes on his knees, the throwing of rocks, and the climbing of trees, with pockets of frogs, and jars full of bugs makes a sweet little boy full of kisses and hugs! Author: Revised By Trina [...]

Plaid Top: Multiple Ways!

The Nordstrom Fall Holiday sale is in full swing, and I recently had a dressing room try on session! We are still mad for plaid this season! This was one of my favorite tops, and I'm sharing how to style it several ways! It is only $40 right now!!!! I love how this top nails [...]

De-Stress With These Services

  The holidays are fun and joyful and then busy and chaotic and crazy and eventually....stressful! Few people get through the holidays unscathed, but it certainly doesn't have to be that way....if you let go a little! We turn a lot to meditation, exercise, yoga, and prayer to keep our stress levels low, and we [...]

What to buy your guy

Men seem to be the hardest to buy for during the holidays, as they either have everything, or want nothing.   We have gathered gifts into one place for you for all the men in your life, and they're not underwear or socks.    So this season, sit back, relax, and shop our blog.   The Sport Enthusiast [...]