Spring Break 2018 Wardrobe

Team Beach or Team Mountains?? The beach and hours of leisure typically wins when you look at the overall Spring Break travel statistics, but I know a lot of snow bunnies are out there itching to hit the slopes! It is about a month until spring break, and time is getting down to the wire. [...]

Spring Sweaters

Man, oh, man! We are ready for spring!! But this cold seems to keep holding on, and the groundhog didn't do us any favors this year! That's okay! We won't let these gray days leave us colorless. We have grabbed our favorite and colorful spring sweaters to share with you! And they are so affordable! [...]

A Winter Party Idea: DIY Snowmen

Here it is....DIY Snowmen. WHAT????? Hang tight and all will be explained, but this is perfect for a holiday party, winter party, or just a kiddo with a November-March birthday party idea! A couple of years ago when my oldest was in Kindergarten (round one!), a few moms and I were in charge of the [...]

A Love Affair: Boxx Jewelry

Who Loves a Little Bling?? Chan and I have a tendency to love anything accessory related!! People grossly underestimate what jewelry can do to a basic white tee and denim look! BUT with any accessory, you want there to be a value/cost relationship! Cheap and cheerful can be amazing in a pinch, but quality is [...]

January Detox? Time to Shed!

January is the most popular time of year to start a diet, detox, or cleanse as people have typically overindulged during the holidays with food & drinks.   They're ready to shed the extra pounds that came with overindulging.   I do not typically detox at all, and I am not big on making New [...]

Our Favorite Sales Right Now

We interrupt your cold weather stay-cay to offer you some in-home entertainment: ONLINE SHOPPING!! It seems like the world is on sale right now, and we are having fun filling our carts!! Here are some of our favorite sales, our favorite items, and our favorite retailers!! Happy shopping and stay warm! Nordstrom LOFT Sale styles [...]

Hosting Christmas Dinner? Impress your In-Laws this year!

My dear friend Elizabeth Ryan  is an interior designer who is very talented and has started helping me with decorating my house this last year.   If you're not following her yet, go to @elizabethryaninteriors or her website https://elizabethryaninteriors.com/ to check out her beautiful work!   When we were talking about hosting Christmas at my house this year, [...]