A Love Affair: Boxx Jewelry

Who Loves a Little Bling?? Chan and I have a tendency to love anything accessory related!! People grossly underestimate what jewelry can do to a basic white tee and denim look! BUT with any accessory, you want there to be a value/cost relationship! Cheap and cheerful can be amazing in a pinch, but quality is [...]

Off the Shoulder Sweater

By now you know how important date nights are to me, but if not, be sure to click here to read about one of my favorite recent date nights! As we enter the cooler months that becomes harder and harder because while it is fun to show a little skin, you don't want to spend [...]

Springtime Screams for a Fix…StitchFix, That Is!

Are you familiar with Stitch Fix??!! Let me re-phrase that question....do you hate to shop? Feel it is a waste of time where nothing ever works and your kids just complain the entire time? OR do you love fashion, love to shop, love when you get a package in the mail? Either way, the answer [...]