Valentine’s Day Dinner: Surf and Turf

Ever since we had kids, Tripp and I have stayed in and cooked a special meal for Valentine’s Day.   Honestly, I feel that the holiday is a little overrated and we choose to not give into it too much.    It is so hard to find a sitter, a reservation, there’s so much pressure with it all, but we do want to show each other, and our girls, love.   Ultimately that is what it’s all about, right?   Well, food is my love language.   Just ask anyone that knows me…I love to share a meal, bake something special for someone, or cook and have people at my table.

That being said, Tripp and I LOVE LOVE LOVE surf & turf, and our kids have grown to love it as well, so it’s our special go to holiday meal.  In fact, Tripp and I had our first date at Truluck’s in Dallas…where we had crab legs, and still like to go!

First things first….the meat.   We choose Filet Mignon, but I know there are a lot of people that like a Ribeye.    Whatever your flavor, I just suggest getting a good, quality cut from a high end grocer, or meat market.   In a medium heat skillet, brown a stick of real butter and then add the meat.   Cook a few minutes on each side, making sure to continuously pour the butter on the steaks for the juice.   The one thing you don’t want to do is overcook the steaks, so we use a meat thermometer to test the readiness.   I like mine more medium rare and Tripp likes his medium to medium plus, so we always put his on a few minutes before mine so they’re ready at the same time.

Digital Meat Thermometer

Same concept with the seafood portion.   We choose Alaskan King Crab Legs, or lobster, but you could easily use shrimp or scallops for your surf portion.   I use a steamer and some Old Bay seasoning, and steam them for 5-7 minutes depending on how big/small they are.  You could also add lemon, salt, butter, etc to your boiling water if you want.   We dip our crab legs in melted butter with lemon, so that’s why we choose not to add it in this step.

This is really a fun dinner to make together…and anything goes, so just have fun doing it!

Tripp and I also enjoy a nice bottle of wine on special occasions and this has become a real favorite of ours.    Let me know what your favorite wine is!

To end on a sweet note, a little chocolate cake….yum!

To start, you could choose a Caesar Salad, a classic garden vegetable, or try some cheese and crackers while you’re doing the cooking.

Asparagus always compliments this meal nicely, or a loaded baked potato!

The best news about all of this….you can order it and have it all delivered within a couple of hours.   It is NOT too late!

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Hope you enjoy as much as we do!  Happy Cooking and Eating!

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