A Love Affair: Boxx Jewelry

Who Loves a Little Bling??

Chan and I have a tendency to love anything accessory related!! People grossly underestimate what jewelry can do to a basic white tee and denim look! BUT with any accessory, you want there to be a value/cost relationship! Cheap and cheerful can be amazing in a pinch, but quality is almost always worth the investment.

So, why not have both?!

Let me start from the beginning. Back in the fall, Chan reached out to a local company she had heard about called Boxx Jewelry! She was just curious to try them so she ordered a Boxx!! She was so pleased that she immediately reached out to them to see if Koko&Chantelle could promote their brand! They said yes, and it has been a great relationship these past few months!

Who are the people behind Boxx Jewelry?

Here’s a little background because, here again, I always think there is value in quality, and the owners and designers behind Boxx Jewelry are just that! They are power team made up of two couples based out of Richardson, TX.  They were all friends before this venture began. Hannah Brown has a background in jewelry making, and her husband, Stephen has a finance background. Patrick has a marketing background, and his wife, Kelsey, has a background in fashion. The company was formed back in 2014 for women who don’t have time to shop and want the ease of a delivery to their door. Their formula just works and makes life easier for all of us ladies!

Are you intrigued yet? I bet so!

So, how does it work? Well, you start by signing up at Boxx Jewelry! On their website you follow three easy steps:

  1. Submit A Style Profile

    Tell us your style, jewelry, and pricing preferences.  A Stylist will curate a boxx of jewelry tailored to your preferences and budget.

  2. Jewelry Delivered

    For each boxx, there is a $15 styling fee and we send 5 to 6 items, delivered to your door – without a subscription.

  3. Buy What You Want

    Try on the items at home, keep what you love, send back the rest.  Shipping is always free.  Returns are due back in one week.

It’s that easy! And here is an inside tip!! In the style profile, there is a section to add a photo in case you have a special occasion or special outfit you want to coordinate with the jewelry! They are super personal and will work with you to make it work!

I received my Boxx over the Christmas break, and I ended up keeping a beautiful pair of earrings! (Let me tell you, I would have loved to keep the entire Boxx, but with it being Christmas it wasn’t in the cards for me!)

But as soon as I got I ran over to Chan’s house, and we had an impromptu try on session on her bathroom floor!!

Isn’t the presentation so pretty?!

Each piece of jewelry was carefully wrapped in an individual cloth bag. Truly like opening presents!!!  The first item I opened was a beautiful pair of earrings with red and purple stones and pearls….my fav!! Plus, they were just a little edgy with a gold spike detail!!

My second item was a gold bracelet with a curved bar! Very delicate and pretty!



Then I opened a coordinating gold necklace that would be a great set with the bracelet!


The next piece was a necklace that I had worn in a photo shoot!! I wish I had gotten my Boxx at another time other than Christmas because I really wanted to keep this one!!


The next piece was a stretchy bracelet that was fun and glam! The stones were a smokey color almost in emerald cuts!


I ended up keeping these earrings and have loved wearing them constantly! Every time I wear them someone asks me where I got them! I tell them they just need to get a Boxx!! 🙂


I also wanted to show you some of the other pieces that we have been lucky enough to use in our photo shoots! There is such a variety, and it is simply fun and kind of like having a Christmas present arrive at your door!

The good folks at Boxx Jewelry have graciously offered to waive the styling fee on your first Boxx so that you can try out this treat for free! Just use code CCSTYLE at checkout!! I’m warning you….you will be addicted! 🙂

To sign up for your first Boxx from Boxx Jewelry, please click here!


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