Velvet: Not Just for Holiday Wear


Velvet is everywhere this season! And let me tell you, this is a trend that I can get behind! Why? Because it is so easy to incorporate into your wardrobe, but if you are not sure about the trend, it is just as easy to incorporate in small touches into your home!

The fabric has long been associated with nobility because of its higher cost to weave, but its richness of color and softness of texture is what usually draws people to velvet! That fineness to the fabric is also why people usually associate the fabric with special occasions like weddings, formals, and holiday parties! But have you noticed that this season, it is being worn beyond the holidays?! Let me show you how to incorporate it into your wardrobe and home.

In your casual wardrobe…

Velvet Sweatshirt  /  Velvet Quilted Vest  /  Velvet Tee  /  Velvet Jeans  /  Velvet Kimono  /  Velvet Top  /  Velvet Tee Dress  /  Velvet Robe  /  Velvet Leggings

In your holiday wear…

Velvet Dress  /  Velvet Midi Dress  /  Velvet and Lace Dress  /  Velvet Dress Pants  /  Velvet Blouse  /  Velvet Jumpsuit  /  Velvet V-Neck Dress

In your accessories…


Velvet Bootie  /  Velvet Bow Flats  /  Velvet Sandals  /  Velvet Pumps  /  Velvet Slip-On Sneakers  /  Velvet Tennis Shoes


Velvet Backpack  /   Velvet Clutch  /  Velvet Handbag  / Velvet Scarf  /  Velvet Baseball Cap  /  Velvet Headband  

In your home…


Velvet Desk Chair  /  Velvet Ottoman  /  Velvet Pillow  /  Velvet Quilt  /  Velvet Throw Blanket  /  Velvet Headboard  /  Velvet Tufted Bench  /  Velvet Wing Chair  /  Velvet Sofa


So as you can see, incorporating velvet into your wardrobe and your home is a cinch!

Happy Shopping!

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