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The holidays are fun and joyful and then busy and chaotic and crazy and eventually….stressful! Few people get through the holidays unscathed, but it certainly doesn’t have to be that way….if you let go a little! We turn a lot to meditation, exercise, yoga, and prayer to keep our stress levels low, and we also have a little secret….well, several little secrets….secret services that is, that help simplify and streamline our lives and remove some of the guesswork and craziness allowing us to take more pleasure in the daily joys and be more present! Let us share some of favorites with you and help you take away some of the stresses of the holiday season and beyond! And did I mention that these special services basically pay for themselves in benefits….whether it saves you $$$, time, or just sanity!!

Ready, set, “ommmmmmmmmm…….”



There has been so much talk about Amazon lately for their new headquarters, and while the Dallas-Fort Worth area is still in the running, what we want to tell you about is Amazon Prime!! We’ve all heard about it, and there are some that are still skeptics! We are telling you…do not let the fee turn you off! If you purchase gifts at any point in the year, that alone is worth it!! In my first year with Amazon Prime, it literally paid for itself in shipping costs! What do I mean by that….well, if something is available through Amazon Prime, then you get free two-day shipping. And in some cases, you get same day shipping, as well! How much do you spend shipping Christmas presents? $0 if you use Amazon Prime!! When I was first a mom home with my kiddos, it was just not possible to get out and try to hop in an out of the car and stores….I think I might have gotten through two gifts before losing my mind. Amazon Prime is like yoga from your computer….completely de-stressing. Plus, you also get unlimited streaming of available movies and TV shows through Prime Video! Hello, past seasons of Poldark!! Shopping and watching from the comfort of your home is amazing!! Plus, you can try for free for 30 days!!


 Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial




A good friend recently introduced me to, and I’m in love!!! Wow! It is so easy! There is no fee, and all you have to do is order $35 worth of product to get free shipping! Which….that is super easy when replacing household products! So, why do I use We use a lot of natural and organic products in our home like almond and cassava flour and Meyer’s hand soap, and this site offers so many of my favorite brands all in one place…..but you can also get regular things like cleaning products, as well! For instance, if Seventh Generation is your laundry detergent of choice, then they have it! OR if you are a Tide family, they have that, too! They also stock our favorite snacks like Larabars! In addition to that, we order our dog food from there, too! All in one place, and it has the lowest prices I’ve seen to date! And my last “toot, toot!” for is that the more you add to your cart, the more discounted each product becomes saving you more when you checkout! It’s a huge win for us!!

Here is my most recent shipment! So cool and well packed!!




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I start most of my weeks off with a Walmart Pick-Up! Toilet paper, organic bananas, sugar, brownie mix….some of my essential pantry needs! I make an inventory on Sunday evenings, add it to my cart, schedule my pick up time for Monday morning after school drop off, and I’m home within 15 minutes! It is so quick and easy. You pull up, give them a call (or click on your mobile app…yes, they have that, too!), they have you sign off on your goods, they load them for you, and off you go! This is amazing if you have young kiddos….no unstrapping them from their carseat to shop amidst temper tantrums! They can have their in-car movie while you have your peace and your pantry goods!



Walmart pick up link here




Instacart is super game changing because it works with so many vendors! With Instacart, you can shop through stores such as Whole Foods, Central Market, Costco, Tom Thumb, ALDI, and more!   Just type in your zip code to see what stores are delivering to your area, choose your delivery time, start shopping, and your items will be delivered to you!!


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Wellness is essential during the holidays! You don’t want to miss a single minute of the joy and celebration so make sure you are well-stocked on your vitamins and probiotics that support good immune strength!!


Click here to order from Vitacost!!




And lastly, don’t miss a minute of diffusing Christmas scents, warding off the flu, and actually enjoying cleaning with oils like Thieves….all with Young Living! And remember…if you sign up for a membership (zero obligation to sell the product…you can just shop for your own personal use!), you get an incredible wholesale price!



 Click here to try Young Living!


We hope this post allows you a little more time with your families during the holidays!



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