Date Night: Feed Company Eatery and Bourbon Lounge and Village Baking Company

May I begin by saying that my roots are southern. Period. End of Story.

….which pretty much means I am always drawn to any cocktail with bourbon in it. In fact, other than wine, my go-to cocktail is bourbon and water.


The other weekend we were in the lowest Greenville area of Dallas, and I saw tucked just right off of Greenville Avenue this darling cute looking restaurant called Feed Company Eatery and Bourbon Lounge. Done! It was going to be our Saturday date night location!!

The next day we spent the morning at the soccer and football fields with our kids’ games before they went home with grandparents leaving us to our own adult activities! It started with some tailgating with friends on the Boulevard at Southern Methodist University. So fun! Memories were made here. It’s where I met Adam my husband! It was love at first sight….well, almost first sight. Haha! It took me about two weeks, but then there was no going back!


So, fifteen years later. We have had our share of awesome highs and amazing lows. We probably hit our seven year itch at year five, but thankfully we were able to work through it.  I’m not saying we have it all figured out….far from that. But one thing that has made us better and stronger each time is complete honesty….whether it was what the other person wanted to hear or not. But with that comes a narrow space where you might have to give the other person some cool down room and time to collect their thoughts and respond.  It has worked for us. It hasn’t been always graceful, but we always end up apologizing maybe not for the thing that was done, but how it made the other feel. Sometimes that is the most important thing. It’s not about always being right. It’s about loving the other person so much that you are willing to let being right go to try to understand how you made them feel….even when there was no intent.

Anyway, whoooooo….breathe…that was heavy and intense. Now on to the fun part.

Because we are fifteen years in and because most of our conversations are pure logistics about the boys and our social lives, we have decided that date nights need to be a priority. We have tried to be purposeful and intentional when we spend that time together.

Date nights can be taking a bike ride in a park or maybe a movie…the usual suspects. Or be adventurous…we have even gone indoor rock climbing and trapeze flying once!! That one kind of rocked my world!! It is just finding the time to spend together!

BUT….my favorite date nights are stillof course dressing up to go out to dinner! Cocktails before a yummy meal. It just feels special! I am happy to even skip dessert! And then going home to a quiet house where the kids are either already asleep with the babysitter or with the grandparents. It is such a treat!


Back to this last date….we went to Feed Company Eatery and Bourbon Lounge!  It has a great patio and menu selection. Lots of yummy bites and interesting nibbles all locally sourced at 44 Farms in Cameron, TX.  Plus, there is an extensive menu of 150+ whiskey and bourbon choices along with beer, wine, and cocktails!

The atmosphere is a great mix of the east Dallas crowd meets the SMU crowd meets the fun and funky lower Greenville group. There were tattoos and Louboutins, strollers and Fedoras. Love the ensemble of people watching! And it is a puppy friendly patio, as well!


I started with the Steel Cup cocktail which reminded me of a crazy delicious mint julep!! One of my favs for sure! Adam cut his teeth on an Alta Fashioned which is their version of an Old Fashioned…again…yum!


Here is us cheers-ing….and Adam saying, “Okay…are we done with photos yet?!” Haha! Isn’t he the cutest!!??

We mixed it up for our main meal by combining apps and mains. Adam ordered shrimp and grits! It was stone ground jalapeno gouda grits with arugula, sausage, parmesan, and brisket fat gravy….crazy good!!! It was topped with a sunny side up egg which he quickly shuffled on to my plate!  A win for me!


I had their appetizer called Sticky Chicken Chips which was breaded chicken bites with a vanilla maple bourbon glaze served with a dill sauce! I added a side of turnip and sweet potato mash which I think they subbed brussel sprouts for turnips but it was dee-lish!

The night was so pretty. It was just perfect! Patio dinner, and we were dressed up in our Pony-Up best! I wore a romper and a red statement necklace while Adam was in his SMU polo! Comfy, cool, and casual…perfect for a patio dinner!

I am crazy for rompers, and in case you missed my Romper Roundup of my favorite rompers for fall and jackets to match, click here!




We also walked around down on lowest Greenville and popped in and out of a few shops and picked up breakfast at Village Baking Company! Y’all….they are open 7a-7p daily, and I am telling you that these are the most amazing breads and pastries I have eaten outside of France! They have this one called a kouign-amann. (pronounced queen uh-mon) It is like a croissant and a vanilla pastry had a baby! It is double layers and double butter. I might insert here that I am gluten and dairy free….but this is sooooooo worth the tummy ache! Plus, they sell homemade jams and sandwiches. And the smell….wow! It is simply delightful to walk in. You feel like you are in Paris!

So…an early-ish dinner, a walk around lower Greenville for breakfast items, home to a quiet house, and we even took in a movie on the couch in our jammies. I would say it was a win for Team Us! 🙂

Bon Apetit!


And one final thing for this story! I was shopping earlier this week, and I came across this darling book! For those that are trying to keep dating to the kitchen or at home, this is such a cute coffee table book and filled with ideas and recipes! I think it makes a great newlywed gift or a hostess gift for an upcoming holiday party!  Click here to get a copy! Enjoy!



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