Why Necessary Delights?

img_20161110_081155A HUGE WELCOME TO MY BLOG, Necessary Delights!! I think the fact that I am finally getting my blog up and running during the week of Thanksgiving is pretty symbolic because, boy!!, am I appreciative for this opportunity! My journey begins with a friend who encouraged me to make this leap. She said, “There is room for everyone, and everyone has a voice!” Amen, sister!! I am so very thankful for the vote of confidence to start sharing my voice with you.

Now, how did I come up with that name? Well, I am a lover of words…always have been, and one word I often think of is delightful! It is such a rich and beautiful word that encompasses such a passionate feeling!! There so so many little things that go on each and every day that, if you stop and recognize them, bring you pure joy!! And then I realized how purposeful you have to be in your practice of that recognition or you miss moments, memories, and opportunities….and then I came to how necessary that practice is for pure happiness. I am no Suzy Sunshine, but I have had my share (and maybe more than…) of tough times. Somewhere along the way I realized that you truly must choose to be happy. The other side of the coin is easy, but finding delight is a daily practice….but, oh so worth the outcome!!

There you have it…Necessary Delights! Come along with me as we connect over life’s necessary delights!

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