A Love Affair: Boxx Jewelry

Who Loves a Little Bling?? Chan and I have a tendency to love anything accessory related!! People grossly underestimate what jewelry can do to a basic white tee and denim look! BUT with any accessory, you want there to be a value/cost relationship! Cheap and cheerful can be amazing in a pinch, but quality is [...]

White Shirt Wednesday

A white shirt is a staple in every girl's closet, but it seems like such a basic that it is passed over when it is actual a great foundation for amazing style! This one is such a cute summer blouse that seems fairly simple, but with a little bit of styling it is a great [...]

Dressing Room Sale!

Sale! Sale! Sale! It seems like everything is on sale right now, and that is pretty great! Summer isn't over, and these cute outfits are certainly worth the purchase! Use code CLEAROUT for an extra 50% off of clearance pieces! Final sale on clearance items. Code expires at midnight on July 25!!! Sweater / Shorts [...]

Springtime Screams for a Fix…StitchFix, That Is!

Are you familiar with Stitch Fix??!! Let me re-phrase that question....do you hate to shop? Feel it is a waste of time where nothing ever works and your kids just complain the entire time? OR do you love fashion, love to shop, love when you get a package in the mail? Either way, the answer [...]

Wine With the Girls

What to wear to a girls' night out to a wine bar??? I feel like I hear that one a lot. Well, hmmm....you want to not make too much of an effort because you've run yourself ragged all day, but you are going out so..... I always go to my boyfriend jeans first! They are [...]

Mom Style: Thursday

I am always so thankful for Thursdays because it means the school week is coming to an end! It also means a weekend full of sporting events, yard projects, and lazy morning big breakfasts! Then, Fridays roll in, and I am super pumped!! Who else gets excited when their partner is home for the weekend. Tag [...]