Hosting Christmas Dinner? Impress your In-Laws this year!

My dear friend Elizabeth Ryan  is an interior designer who is very talented and has started helping me with decorating my house this last year.   If you're not following her yet, go to @elizabethryaninteriors or her website to check out her beautiful work!   When we were talking about hosting Christmas at my house this year, [...]

Vintage Fall Dining Room Decor!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because it is filled with fun and fantasy, and it seems like you really get to see the alternative side to your friends and family when they dress up! Haha! Sometimes that's good and sometimes slightly eye-opening! But I really love the decorating side of this holiday because [...]

Dining Room Update: Decorating the Walls

If you are just joining, this is part three of a series in our Dining Room Update journey!! Read Part One here and Part Two here!! All caught up?...great! For whatever, kids, school starting...this part of the post has taken me forever to write!! It is such an involved post with so many details [...]

Dining Room Update: Goodbye Paper & Hello Paint

In case you missed it, be sure to check out Dining Room Update: Part One in my short series of our dining room update and our sometimes successful and sometimes failing process! Spoiler began as a great DIY effort and ended in the hands of a much-needed professional! But....on to Part Two! After calling [...]