A Love Affair: Boxx Jewelry

Who Loves a Little Bling?? Chan and I have a tendency to love anything accessory related!! People grossly underestimate what jewelry can do to a basic white tee and denim look! BUT with any accessory, you want there to be a value/cost relationship! Cheap and cheerful can be amazing in a pinch, but quality is [...]

K&C’s Favorite Shop Small Saturday Spots

It is so nice to sit in the comfort of your own home....in your pajamas....possibly with a glass of wine.....and order everything on your Christmas list online! BUT, there is something to be said about shopping in local stores! You get to be in the Christmas spirit...literally! The smells, the sounds, the decorations! It is [...]

Just a Girl with a Little Twirl

Fall is here, but in Texas that means temperatures that fluctuate between 95° to 55°! You never quite know whether your kids will be freezing or sweating in their Halloween costumes! So, this outfit is completely appropriate for this time of year! And this skirt....oh my!...it is stunning! It is this blue lurex style fabric [...]