Refinishing Is Good For the Soul

I recently acquired some pieces from an auction to refinish! I am one of those people that simply needs a creative outlet. It is a delight in my life, and I am lucky enough to be able to fulfill that need. One of the pieces I grabbed was a beautiful vintage side table. It is [...]

Kitchen Island Color

I love the color brown. Wood is brown. Dirt is brown. Brown certainly has place in this world, but too much brown in one room is drab. That's why when we moved into our new home, I knew I would be painting the island at some point! The stain on my cabinets is really warm [...]

The British Are Coming!

Refinishing furniture is delightful! It is such an adventure! You choose or find a piece of furniture, curious about its story, and you essentially breathe new life into it. Trash to treasure for some people! The more serendipitous the find of the furniture, the more I love the process! Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has proven [...]