What time is it? UGG Time!

At the first sign of cooler temps what do you usually do? Well, I reach for my UGGs and order a Pumpkin Spiced Latte! Thank goodness they are still in style because I love how crazy comfy they are! And guess what?! I found some for up to 50% off!! Just in time for cooler [...]

Just a Girl with a Little Twirl

Fall is here, but in Texas that means temperatures that fluctuate between 95° to 55°! You never quite know whether your kids will be freezing or sweating in their Halloween costumes! So, this outfit is completely appropriate for this time of year! And this skirt....oh my!...it is stunning! It is this blue lurex style fabric [...]

Off the Shoulder Sweater

By now you know how important date nights are to me, but if not, be sure to click here to read about one of my favorite recent date nights! As we enter the cooler months that becomes harder and harder because while it is fun to show a little skin, you don't want to spend [...]

A little bit of prep

Let's face it! I may dip my toe into some more boho or edgier looks, but I am a preppy girl at heart! Stripes are simply my soul animal, and I am a J. Crew lover! BUT the better deals seem to reside at J. Crew Factory, and all the style is still there! Here [...]

Romper Roundup!

The weekend was so fun and filled with food, family, and friends! The ultimate F words! Yesterday we had two soccer games and a flag football game before passing the boys off to the grandparents, cleaning up, and heading to the SMU tailgate! It was great being on campus! That is where it all began [...]

Shoes: Sale Spotted!

We all love shoes, right?! How can you not? They take an outfit and make it either "meh!" like that emoji from the recent movie, or they make it "wowza!" You can take a pair of pumps and wear them with a dress or dress pants....expected, right? OR take a pair of distressed jeans, a [...]

Singing in the Rain!

I feel like I need to put out a PSA because Hunter boots are on sale right now!! The timing couldn't be more perfect because mine literally had a hole in the heel because I have worn them sooooo much! I was given a pair several years ago as a Christmas gift, and I wear [...]

Let’s Help Texas Together!

Hurricane Harvey has devastated so much of the southern part of Texas. Many friends have either lost their homes to flooding because of the initial storm rains or because the of water released after the storm. It has been so slow and is still so slow to recede that homes have been sitting in water. [...]

Stripes and Layers

I could practically wear stripes everyday! Does that make me a preppy gal? Ugh...probably! Haha! But they are always in fashion, and you can always find fun ways to style them! Plus, sometimes it is just in the details of how you take a basic look and make it special! Let me show you here... [...]

Classic Cashmere

Fall to me is all about coziness! Cozy tops, fires, Pumpkin Spice Lattes (with coconut milk!!), and football! With warmer temps in North Texas this lightweight cashmere sweater will certainly be a staple! And at less than $70, how could you go wrong!! It comes in six colors if Persimmon isn't your favorite! Check out [...]