Quick Valentine’s Day Craft

Love is in the air, and I love crafting with my kiddos! They are at the age now where it is so fun to set stuff up and let them be a little independent with it. They can customize the final product, and I get to facilitate and enjoy visiting during the process! I try to tailor our crafts around that idea!

We love switching out the decor on our fireplace mantel with each season, and I am light on my Valentine’s decor for that area! Last year I picked up this cute “hello, LOVE!” sign in the dollar bin at target…..and that is pretty much all I have for the inside of our house!

So a new garland was a no brainer, but I definitely wanted it to be something my boys would make. Hmmmm….how to do that?! Have I mentioned like once or possibly a thousand times how much I love my Amazon Prime subscription?! It makes things like this so super easy!

I came up with the very, very, very simple idea to have the boys string fabric poms and make a Valentine’s Day garland. OF COURSE Amazon Prime had a bulk bag with V-Day colors in it making my job look super easy! I already had some needle and thread….although you could make the project a little stronger by using fishing line. BUT sometimes you just use what you have on hand!

It was that easy! Thread both needles for the boys, give them a platter of poms, show them how NOT TO prick their fingers, and let them go!! Occasionally, they would get too many poms backed up, and I had to help them distribute them down the thread, but that was pretty much the only hiccup!


When they were finished, I decided to make them a little more dramatic by tying the two strands together making it a double strand. What do you think?! You could use this anywhere…over a door, on a tablescape, from a light fan….I’m sure your children will have many ideas! The best part….this entire project took about 20 minutes. And I have leftover poms in case they want to do more or save it for next year!

What’s your favorite quick craft for Valentine’s Day?

Let us know in the comments below!




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