A Winter Party Idea: DIY Snowmen

Here it is….DIY Snowmen. WHAT????? Hang tight and all will be explained, but this is perfect for a holiday party, winter party, or just a kiddo with a November-March birthday party idea!

A couple of years ago when my oldest was in Kindergarten (round one!), a few moms and I were in charge of the craft for the Christmas party! After scouring Pinterest and racking my brain, I came up with DIY Snowman costumes. I love holiday parties, but the crafts are not always easy “take home” items or keepsakes. This idea lets you leave with something that your child will hopefully use more later!

Anyone else feel like they pour so much energy into their first child and then stop and look at the next one(s) only to realize you haven’t made the same special efforts? I am so guilty of that, but this year I wanted to change it! I may have repeated an idea I already used for the first one, but I assure you that I only improved the product in the process….haha! At least that is the story I am sticking with!

So….DIY Snowman costumes…you can probably picture how this might go, but you need the necessities…carrot noses, top hats, and scarves! And then your Snowmen shout out “Happy Birthday!” :):):) Just kidding….couldn’t help the Frosty the Snowman reference! The best part of this craft is that the kiddos go home with a snowman kit in case they are lucky enough to have enough snow to build a snowman at home. Otherwise, they have a fun dress-up costume. It is a win either way!

So, to start you will need to visit the fabric store! I love JoAnns and Hobby Lobby! They make my life so easy and are always having fantastic sales! But don’t worry….in case you don’t have one close to you, I’ve linked everything below for you to shop online, too! For these costumes, I was trying to outfit 15 children and maybe a few siblings and possibly a few participating teachers.

The Materials
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time to get my craft on!!



I grabbed 3/4 of a yard of orange felt for carrot noses (I definitely had some left over!). Felt is the best for the noses because it is a little stronger/thicker and will hold its form. And green yarn for the leaves (ties) of the carrots….this will make sense later!

Glue gun. Check! Glue sticks. Check! Scissors. Check!


Cut your orange felt into triangles….about 9-ish inches tall. They don’t have to be perfect and they don’t all have to be alike . I mean….are any two carrots alike? 🙂

After your glue gun has warmed, take your triangle and run a bead of glue on one of the longer lengths. Roll the other side to meet the glue bead, and press and secure until you have a funny, long shaped cone like a carrot! The bumpier and more miss-shapen the better. Finish with all of your carrot noses and set aside to make sure the glue has dried!


Next, cut two slits at the opening of your cone on opposing sides. Then take your green yarn and cut 9-12 inch strips. Tie your green yarn to be able to secure your carrot noses to your kiddos.

Please forgive my dirty hair, poorly edited photo….taken after working out….sweaty mama!


The Scarves

Then I usually scour the bargain bin for red fabric for the scarves. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy or special, and it is okay if it has a pattern. I was in a hurry so I grabbed a yard of red flannel that was right next to the orange felt!

I started by laying the fabric on my table and folding it in half so when I made the cuts, I actually made two scarves at a time….work smarter, not harder! 🙂 Once I start each strip, I finish by ripping it the rest of the way! Let me tell you….this is waaaaayyyyy cheaper than therapy, and it actually works out any frustrations. I highly recommend it! Haha!

The top hats

Plastic Top Hats, Pack of 12, Black

This is really easy! You purchase them online or in store! 🙂 I grabbed mine from Party City because we have one close, but in case you aren’t near one I’ve linked a great deal for buying them in bulk here!


So, you have your hat, your scarf, and your noses all ready!! Now, what? The toilet paper! I bet you were wondering what this is for!!


time to party

During the party, have children work together wrapping each other in toilet paper if they are old enough, and if they are not, have an adult or two assist in the process. I usually wrap their arms and torso, but you could wrap their entire body. Just be sure to tuck the ends in to prevent too much ripping or falling apart. They pretty much look like mummies at this point!

Then, tie on the nose, layer on the scarf, and top off with that top hat!

Take pictures quickly because this is where they get a little crazy, and it ends up “snowing” all over the room! Oh well! It is all in good fun, and it is really easy to clean up!


Finish off the party with Ice Cream Sundaes with toppings, syrup, and whipped cream! If the kiddos are old enough, have the toppings in common bowls with spoons where they can make their own. If not, help children by serving each one!

TIP: To make this part of the party faster and easier, pre-scoop ice cream balls and store in bulk freezer bags . Deep freeze them a few days before the party, and then the day of the party pre-serve in small paper bowls. Stack in a cooler with good freezer packs. Use wax paper between layers to keep any mess to a minimum. Bring the pre-scooped ice cream bowls in a cooler to party location. They scoops will have softened some, but it will make serving a cinch!!


Be sure to leave a comment below, and let us know what you think and if you have any questions about our DIY Snowmen costumes!


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