January Detox? Time to Shed!

January is the most popular time of year to start a diet, detox, or cleanse as people have typically overindulged during the holidays with food & drinks.   They’re ready to shed the extra pounds that came with overindulging.   I do not typically detox at all, and I am not big on making New Years resolutions when it comes to food and diet.   So this is a first time for me to Detox in January.

Let’s rewind for a minute…..my twin sister, Danielle, asked me inJuly, to do a detox diet with her starting in August.   I had no idea what we were signing up for, but I trusted her and went with it.

The week before we started, I saw this list of foods to eliminate, which included things such as dairy, soy, gluten, sugar, coffee, alchoho, ok, the list goes on, but at this point, I was like no way!    But let me tell you, it was 28 days, and I was committed to it for her.

The detox was extremely easy to follow as the company we did it through, Arbonne, gave you a grocery list and recipes for the week.   I was prepared.   Most of the time I would order my food from Whole Foods via Instacart on Sunday, and would prep veggies, so that I always had healthy options to grab on hand when I felt hungry.  Also, having a friend to do it with, helped hold me accountable.

In the am, I would first wake and take a prebiotic/probiotic mix in 8oz water before anything else.    I would make a protein shake for breakfast using their vegan protein powder and fiber boost to keep me feeling full longer, with coconut or almond milk.   These protein shakes were so delicious, and filling, that I have continued this since starting this.

Digestive Plus

Fiber Boost     /                            Chocolate Protein Powder      /         Vanilla Protein Powder

After the first week, they have breakfast foods/recipes you can add it, I’m just not much of a breakfast eater at all.   You can eat things like oats with berries, eggs, omelets, they have a delicious crepe recipe, etc.

Instead of coffee I would have a “fizz stick” in 24-32oz of water and it would absolutely get my day going.   This is also something I have never stopped doing!

Citrus Fizz Sticks     /      Pomegranate Fizz Sticks

A snack would be a hard boiled egg, a green apple with almond butter, veggies with hummus, or a handful of cashews/almonds.   I ate throughout the day, so I was never starving.   For lunch I would have a shake, leftovers, or a salad.

You absolutely can go out to dinner on this detox as well!    I promise!   I even went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant twice!

Snack time again!    Any of the above, or these fit chews!  YUMMY!   It felt like dessert.    I also made some protein power balls that were amazing.

Chocolate Fit Chews     /     Lemon Fit Chews

For dinner, the recipes were delicious, and were surprisingly so easy to make.   I could tweak them to our preferences, and feed my family by adding in some things for them (the kids mainly, LOL).   I would often times have leftovers to eat for lunch the next day or a day I didn’t feel like cooking.

At night I would have a detox hot tea with lemon in order to try to stave off wanting a snack, or truly, a glass of wine, which is my old habit!   LOL

Herbal Detox Tea

The third week of the detox, you add a packet of this cleanse into your morning Fizz stick for optimal cleanse results.

7 Day Cleanse

The key is making sure you’re giving your body 12 hours at night to not be eating, so if you close the kitchen at 7pm, it reopens at 7am for business!

I’ve always wanted to eat better, more this way, but didn’t know where to start.   If this feels like you, I can relate!

I have adopted a lot of these practices and kept them in my life with an 80/20 rule, and feel best when I am eating clean/healthy.   I can’t wait to do it again!   My sister and I are starting it again on January 8th.   Want to join us?  Let me know because I can hook you up with a friend that can get you 40% off the products when you order the kit as a whole.

Have a great day and remember to take time for yourself!  Do something good for your soul today!

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