Three Ways to Style a Blanket Scarf




Cooler weather has arrived, and blanket scarves are just so fun! Even if your weather is as crazy as it is here in Texas, there is always an occasion for a blanket scarf from October through March!

I meet once a month with a small group of moms….we call ourselves the “Latte Ladies!” It is a nice mix of boy moms and girls moms, and we share lots of tips and tricks of parenting, shopping, cooking….you name it! It has been so fun, and we have really developed some lovely friendships in the process!

At our October coffee, one of the moms brought a blanket scarf to ask how to style it! She said she had tried, and it was just too bulky! And while it looked so cute on others, she couldn’t figure out how to make it work for her. She had come to the right place, and this is also why I love this group…at least one person or several of us will always have some kind of an answer! Well, we had the best time going through the various options and playing with her beautiful blanket scarf.

It also made me think that others probably feel the same way and have similar questions! So, I’ve made three quick videos which show you multiple ways to style a blanket scarf. Check them out below!! I’ve also included my secret resource to great blanket scarves at CRAZY INEXPENSIVE PRICES!! Be sure to shop those at the end of the post! They make great Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers!


The first includes styling a traditional square blanket scarf. This one is pretty easy.



Then I explain how to style a long, rectangle style of blanket scarf without the bulk.



This third video quickly shows you how to turn a blanket scarf…the rectangle only…into a vest. This definitely works with a blanket scarf, but it is especially easy with a thinner fabric, as well!



Here are several great blanket scarf options all for under $15 each!! Click on this link, and there are many color options!



Classic Plaid Blanket Scarf


Have fun styling!!


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