Holiday Cards: That’s a Wrap!

I love the holidays and one of my favorite parts is going to the mailbox everyday to receive holiday cards, as opposed to bills and junk mail.    Once I get them, I can’t wait to open them and see who the sender is and hang them up in my home!    I hang them on burlap twine, with little clothes pins, on my cabinets in the kitchen, so I get to see them everyday.   I also love how unique each one is, and that it just seems to “fit” their style and personality.

christmas 2014


It can be such an intimidating process for so many people…me included! So I wanted to walk you through my process to hopefully simplify things for you and your family!

So, how do we start?   First, find your photographer and pick a date that gives you enough time to get them back, order your cards, and send them out.   I have used a professional photographer, a newly inspired photographer, and a friend, doing it out of the kindness of her heart, and all have worked out well, so it’s up to you and your budget and time, as to what you can do. Or set up a tripod with your own camera on a timer. This is a great option because you can do things on your own time schedule and location! Zero pressure!

christmas 2016


Now, the hard part for a lot of people, what to wear?   I like when outfits coordinate, but aren’t too matchy matchy.    They coordinate in color or style, but everyone is not in the same shirt or all the same color.    I tend to start with my kids first because that’s the season I am in.   I find a great color/print in styles I know they will love and be comfortable in.  This is important because it can come off in your pics if everyone is not comfortable, or being forced to wear something against their will.    For example, my oldest daughter is not into dresses, but most comfortable in leggings and a tunic or tee.   My youngest daughter prefers to be in dresses or pajamas, so hers was an easy choice (no, she is not in pajamas in our pic, lol).

christmas 2015

Once they’re all set, I play off the colors they’re in, and go from there.   I am comfortable in jeans or a dress, and I did a dress last year, and wanted a more casual vibe this year.   Therefore, I chose jeans and blouse for me.   My husband likes chino pants, or jeans, and he went with jeans as we went with a black sweater for him, and trying to keep with the more casual, at home vibe, we thought this was best for him (he pretty much says, “that’s fine” to whatever I pick out when it comes to having pictures made, lol).

christmas 2017 *Disclaimer – This is not my actual Christmas card this year, but the picture might be, you’ll have to wait and see!

Location is also a factor when considering your Christmas cards.   What do you want the setting to be?   On a beach, or other amazing family vacation you want to showcase?   The woods?   Your home?   A park?   What means something to your family this year?

The tone is really what you want to see throughout all of it, to be cohesive/consistent.    I have seen formal, casual, funny, beachy, woodsy, you name it.   If it fits your family, go for it!   Just have fun and don’t stress, this is the most wonderful time of the year, afterall.    Your loved ones are happy to see a picture of you in their home at the end of the day

If you’re unsure what to wear, or have a styling question, please feel free to message Kate and me as we are happy to  offer our advice/opinion if you need it.    That’s what we’re for….YOU!

What are some of your favorite holiday cards?

Here’s some of the websites I have used before, just click on the links below to start shopping: