A Farmhouse Vignette


If you knew my house, you would know my style is mostly French country with a lot of warm tones. I know, I know…warm tones are so not cool right now, but they are classic. Just wait…they have staying power. Now, I do love a little cool tones and a little farmhouse style built into my French Country look. There is nothing like the high-low blending. It makes people feel warm and welcome and that they can play in your home without the fear of breaking things. That being said, nice things have their place, too. You just have to go for it when incorporating them with more trendy pieces.

My mom and I were recently at a store off of the square in McKinney, and we stopped in to the Dumpster Diva’s shop. Not familiar?! Check out her Facebook page here! She’s so fun, and her store is great! She has such a talent!!

Anyway, I digress! Our entry has almost 20 foot ceilings which made my pieces look very small! I replaced our chandelier when we moved in, and you never see it. It just gets lost way up there, and it makes me crazy! It is simply beautiful!! Feel like you need one, too! I love mine, and it is almost $300 off on sale right now! Shop it here!

Aaahhh…again…off track….well, actually I’m getting to my point! I loved my entry vignette, but the scale was off. I had seen some metal awnings in antique stores and though, “hmmmmm…..” But I also had asked some pricing, and they had been close to $1,000. Ummm…probably not going to go over too well. Don’t get me wrong. I believe in investment pieces…art, a piece of furniture, wallpaper, but this was more of a “want” and not so much a “need.” At least that is what I thought!


Back to the Dumpster Diva shop….I spotted this metal awning on the wall on my way out and just happened to ask, “How much is that?” She told me $40, and my jaw hit the floor!! I even asked her, “Are you sure?? Not $400??” Done! Sold! It didn’t matter if it wasn’t a perfect fit, it needed to find a home in my home. πŸ™‚

I ran home, threw out car seats, grabbed cash, and raced back! Woohoo! They only sacrificed one bulb removing it from the wall…sorry about that part! It fit like a glove in the back of my SUV, and I was on my way to hang it.

Well, you know how life happens, and it sat on the floor of my dining room until just recently. But now it is up, and it is amazing!! I left all the dust, dents, imperfections to keep the character, and I simply love it! It draws your eye up filling the space, and believe it or not, you really see my beautiful chandelier! Such a win!



Let me know what you think of my risky move!

4 thoughts on “A Farmhouse Vignette

  1. b says:

    Love, love, love this and it looks even better in person! πŸ™‚ So creative, come help me with my house, pretty please!

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